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Health: Pay Attention to What You Eat


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“Mindful eating can help us become more in tune with our body’s food desires signals” — Paul Ebeling

Paying attention to what you eat through mindful eating can help you appreciate your food and allow you to indulge without taking things to the extreme.

Only eat when you are hungry, turn off all distractions, no desk eating and take the time to appreciate the meal you are about to enjoy. Be thankful!

The human body does not like significant or fast changes, and when it comes to losing weight slow and steady does win the race. 

So, instead of cutting out all of the bad foods, make small adjustments to your eating plan gradually, this is sustainable. By making moderate changes, your body will have time to recalibrate to any changes without throwing it off the track.

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Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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