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Tips to Create Alkaline Balance in Your Body


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These are the things to do that will make all the difference in your health by helping balance out the body, thus boosting the immune system” — Paul Ebeling

This is the 1 thing you can do that can make all the difference by helping balance out the body.

1.   Eat lots of fresh, not frozen, Superfood fruits and vegetables

  • Keep fresh, not frozen, vegetables cut up in the fridge and have a big bowl of colorful fruit on your counter to snack on.
  • Eat salad with your lunch and dinner; keep a salad made up in advance with all of the greens in it minus not bottled grocery store salad dressing, make your own, cucumbers and tomatoes, which you can add later.

2.    Eat 80% alkaline foods, 20% acid foods by volume daily.

3.   Chew your food well, at least 23X before swallowing, as Saliva is alkaline and you can produce 2 gallons a day.

4.   Drink 2-3 liters of pure water from glass bottles, not tap per day

Water alone can make all of the difference as many people are dehydrated keeping in all of the toxins which are acidic.

Tap water is basically balanced so if your body is every acid it is a slow process to neutralize it. 

It takes over 30 glasses of water to balance out 1 glass of Coke which is very acid.  This is why many people use alkaline water which can directly alkalize the body faster and more efficiently. I go a step further and drink 10ACITY which is 3X Hydrogenated for energy

5. Breathe for more energy

Bodies function better with more oxygen.

This will also help move the acids out of your body.  Learn to breathe deeply into your abdomen.

The best place to do this is to lay down on your bed and breathe into your abdomen deeply and gently.

Practice doing this every day till you are doing it naturally all day every day.

6.   Avoid all junk foods

Junk foods are filled with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, artificial chemical substances and food coloring, which are all highly acid-forming.  

Additionally, your body must work very hard in an effort to cleanse these toxins out.

7.   Find ways to create relaxation in your body and being

Listen to the birds or relaxing music, meditate, walk in nature…do whatever it is that creates relaxation in you.

8.   Live in the light of the day

We need Sunlight.

Go for walks, open your curtains and go to bed early enough to get up with the Sun.

9.   Get enough sleep

Insufficient sleep causes the body and mind to be overworked and unhappy.

10. Just because a food is acid-forming does not mean that it is bad!

It is not at all about excluding an entire family of foods or any foods – it is all about creating balance.

Alkalize your body with unfiltered apple cider vinegar daily

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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