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Health: Avoid Diet Soda it is a Trap 


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“To lose or manage weight, you need to use more calories than you consume”— Paul Ebeling

So, people must create a calorie deficit to loose weight, and every calorie that we manage to save helps us create that deficit. Approximately 1lb can be lost in a wk with a daily deficit of 500 calories a day.

A study has found that people consuming diet sodas or other “zero calorie” labeled beverages compensate by eating more calorie filled food. The researchers speculate that diet beverage consumers eat more calorie filled foods to feel satisfied.

You can cut out about 240 calories a day by eliminating just one 20-oz soda or sugar-sweetened beverage. Replace sodas and sugar-sweetened beverage with HHHO infused water like 10ACITY. Even replacing sodas with 100% fruit juice diluted with water will help to reduce calorie intake.

And, individuals that drink black coffee consume about 69 calories less a day compared to those adding cream and sugar their coffee, and those drinking tea without cream and sugar consume about 43 calories less a day

Consuming diet sodas has also been linked to a wider waist circumference.

Research has also shown “low-fat” labels on foods encourage some people to eat as much as 50% more. Study participants consumed 84 extra calories more when seeing “low-fat” because it’s automatically assumed the product has fewer calories. According to one of the studies, “low–fat” labels increase the perception of an appropriately sized serving by 25.1%.

Examine the calorie count when reading nutrition labels of foods. Rather choose regular or full–fat versions instead of eating more of low–fat foods and snacks. Some research has shown that the fat substituted ingredients can actually make you hungrier, resulting in increased calorie intake.

Home cooked meals can help you to cut calorie intake. Cooking dinner at home six or seven nights a wk resulted in an intake of 150 calories less a day in comparison to cooking at home once a wk or less. Home cooked dinners are also associated with the consumption of healthier foods.

The bottom line: If you are drinking calorie-free diet soda to lose weight, you are setting yourself up to pack on more pounds, it is the diet soda trap.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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