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Do We Really Need 3 Meals a Day?

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“From what I have learned eating fewer meals per day may be the most effective way of keeping hunger at bay”— Paul Ebeling

The pattern of eating 3 meals a day is not based on science, but on the formulized workday.

When Europe and the US were more rural, people worked their land during daylight hours, starting at dawn and pausing midday and in the late afternoon for mealtimes.

It was a schedule that was based on outdoor/indoor physical labor and farm labor, and those meals tended to be big 1’s.

When industrialized America began investing in processed foods, the breakfast industry boomed with nutritionally hollow foods like cornflakes and instant oatmeal that made eating the 1st meal of the day easy, if not nutritious. Breakfast became a fast habit so children could get to school and parents to the work with food in their stomachs.

Some studies show that breakfast eaters are healthier than those who skip the meal. This may be because people who eat breakfast generally have healthier lifestyle habits.

But, studies show that eating breakfast does not kickstart your metabolism as widely assumed and has no effect on the calories you burn throughout the day.

In fact, skipping breakfast may cut 400 calories in your average daily intake, leading to weight loss.

Some experts believe that breakfast is a product of good marketing and not sound nutrition. And would like to abolish breakfast altogether to give peoples’ metabolisms a boost.

A sound practice is IF (intermittent fasting) and if we eat a proper dinner, 1 should not be starving 1st thing in the morning. IF means eating all meals within a 6hr frame.

The Big Q: What is going to happen to the all-American breakfasst of bacon, eggs, and pancakes?

The Big A: I say eat only when we are hungry and that would be mid-morning meaning brunch every day of the wk and skip the toast, waffles, and pancakes.

Always eat Real Organic and no Junk foods.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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