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The Nutrition Needs of Active Dogs


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Active dogs mean these: hunting, herding, search and rescue and agility dogs, along with military and police K9s require specialized diets to meet their nutritional needs

Athletic dogs should consume adequate amounts of antioxidants to protect against the free radical damage that occurs during intense periods of exercise

Feeding fresh foods is the best way to provide antioxidants to athletic dogs and all dogs for that matter; new research suggests it’s important that every working dog gets adequate dietary taurine and vitamin E to protect the heart.

Very active dogs need a nutrient-dense diet plan that provides optimum energy in a small quantity of food; the protein source should be excellent quality and animal-based, and the diet should be relatively high in dietary fat

The Key components of a nutritionally complete fresh food diet for a canine athlete with no health problems include a variety of raw meaty bones, muscle and organ meats, a rotation of colorful vegetables, appropriate supplementation to meet trace mineral and vitamin requirements, and a constant supply of fresh, clean water.

There are many commercially available human-grade raw or gently cooked meat-based pet foods that are perfect for canine athletes, if you decide home-prep is not convenient for you.

As for you and your dog/s: Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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