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Our Good Health is Wealth

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We have all heard ‘health is wealth’ and it is true, as it gives meaning to our lives. Health is considered the most valuable and precious for every 1 of us. Good health means not only the absence of disease in the body but a complete physical, mental, social as well as spiritual well-being.”— Paul Ebeling

  • Mark Moss is an entrepreneur and financial expert who’s been a full-time investor for over 25 ys, and Mark is passionate about freedom, liberty and personal wealth
  • He wants to empower people to build wealth, not so they can become greedy or stockpile money, but because money allows you to help other people and have options in your own life
  • To build your physical health, eliminate seed oils from your eating plan, use time-restricted eating and exercise regularly
  • To discern the truth in this era of censorship, identify people who you believe are experts in the field and follow what they are doing directly, I have a Platinum List; avoid using Google and social media for this purpose, as it is heavily manipulated
  • There event in Miami, Florida next month, where he and other experts will be sharing how to control your financial future during The Great Reset, tune in.

Our health is priceless, and many of the most powerful health strategies cost nothing at all or can be implemented very inexpensively. Yet, not only are these natural strategies not taught in conventional medical schools but, if you go against the standard, pharmaceutical-based treatment options you can be challenged, reprimanded or have your license taken away.

This process ostracizing natural therapies began back in Y 1910 with the release of the Flexner Report, which was written by commission for the Carnegie Foundation.

The Flexner Report eliminated almost every form of natural medicine, because it was a competitor to the emerging class of pharmaceuticals, primarily derived from Crude Oil and petroleum products that JD Rockefeller was behind.

It is similar to the financial system in that your best bet is often to “forget” everything you have been taught and open your mind to starting fresh.

We see the same thing in the financial system. Like, you go through economics classes, and then you get a job working for a financial firm, and then you are a salesperson, just selling the products they have, and it is really hard for you to untrain yourself and start looking for solutions.

Mr. Moss believes in time-restricted eating as I do and practice, which means condensing your meals into a 6-8hr frame. This will improve your health in a variety of ways, primarily by improving your mitochondrial health and metabolic flexibility. It can also increase autophagy which helps your body clear out damaged cells.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a vital signaling molecule that is known to play an important role in longevity. This is partly due to its role as an essential substrate for sirtuins, which are enzymes related to longevity, as well as its role in DNA repair.

NAD modulates energy production and many enzymes and in so doing controls hundreds of processes in our body including the survival of cells and energy metabolism. NAD is influenced on a daily basis by what we eat, exercise levels and more, and also declines with age, leading to changes in metabolism and an increased risk of disease.

Exercise, especially strength training with blood flow restriction, is 1 of the best ways to increase NAD levels and energy, because it activates NAMPT, an enzyme that is responsible for NAD biosynthesis.

The ability to freely share information such as this is being threatened nearly every day. Due to self-appointed authorities controlling the VirusCasedemic narrative, acting as the arbiters of what is right and wrong, and declaring anything against it misinformation, open debate is being stifled and the free sharing of information is censored.

I write about this attack on The People often in this column, click her for the archive.

Pay attention, eat real food, it is cheaper than RX meds, and Tune out the Noise!

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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