Junk Food Is Bad for Our Health

Junk Food Is Bad for Our Health

Junk Food Is Bad for Our Health

The food industry uses tactics to create misleading data and other sales techniques, but it does not change the fact that junk food is bad for us.

People who ate a diet focused on Mac & Cheese, processed lunch meat, sausage biscuits, mayonnaise and microwavable meals with unhealthy fats, for example, showed serious negative changes to their metabolism after just 5 days.

After eating the junk food diet, the study participants’, 2 healthy college-aged men, muscles lost the ability to oxidize glucose after a meal, which could lead to insulin resistance, which is the primary underlying factor of nearly every chronic disease and condition known to man, including weight gain.

Diminished academic performance and depression have also been linked to junk food diets. And, it only takes one junk food binge to influence one’s health for worse.

When we eat junk food high in unhealthy fats and sugar, the sugar causes a large spike in your blood-sugar levels called “postprandial hyperglycemia.”

In the long term, this can lead to an increased risk of heart attack, but there are short-term effects as well, they are as follows:

  1. Body tissue becomes inflamed, as occurs when it is infected
  2. Blood vessels constrict
  3. Damaging free radicals are generated
  4. Blood pressure can rise higher than normal
  5. A surge and drop in insulin may leave one feeling hungry

It is easy to fall victim to the junk food industry’s marketing ways, and even easier to become biologically hooked on their high-sugar foods. However, breaking free from their trap and focusing diet on real food instead is perhaps the best health moves you can make.

The Big Q: How to do it?

Stopping processed foods requires planning meals in advance, be measured and deliberate, and it possible sugar, fat to painlessly remove processed foods from the  diet.

Buy real food from the  local farmer’s markets, it will have in-season Organic produce that is priced to sell. Plan meals accordingly.

Learn to plan a week of meals at a time, making sure you have all ingredients necessary at hand, and then do any prep work you can ahead of time so that dinner is easy to prepare if short on time.

Do not bring junk foods into your home. The more you nourish your body with real food, the less you will feel tempted by fake foods.

Ultimately, your taste buds will come to realize that many real food taste much better than the processed food giants science-lab counterparts.

Note: I stopped for a fast food cheese burger not long ago, it looked good but at the 1st bite there was no taste, there was not taste to the coffee either. I put it in the trash bin. Real food is always best…

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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