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Insight: Haste is a Toxic Habit, Relax, Enjoy Life!


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“Haste makes Waste!”–Proverb

Going everywhere in a hurry is not good for us. And just like with multitasking, society generally expects us to do things quickly and hurriedly, but some things need to be taken slowly.

Strategic business planning and cooking take time, let it. If we do everything quickly, we do not have time to enjoy life! Plus, it can also cause stress and anxiety, which can cause serious problems.

So, plan your work, work your plan and practice some relaxation techniques. Deep breathing can help reduce stress and help you stay in the moment.

Take your time when doing your daily tasks. Leave your house earlier in the morning so that you are not running to get to work. Start your project earlier so you are not stressing at the last minute. Take the time to read a book or cook a great meal, relax and have time to enjoy life!

Practicing mindfulness can also help us here. Do 1 thing at a time. This way, you will be able to put all of our cognitive resources towards 1 activity and the outcome will be much better.

Plus, make sure that your body and brain get all of the nutrients the need, you do not necessarily need to only eat only super foods that everyone is talking about. Eat real Organic food, drink water when thirsty and stay away from sugary drinks even the diet 1s.

And do not procrastinate.

Have a happy, prosperous holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!

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