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Improve Your Resilience, Be Optimistic


We are all being fed an endless stream of negative MSM news pushing the boundaries of reality, it may seem comic to suggest optimism now but it is helpful in the extreme” — Paul Ebeling

The Big Q: What is Resilience

The Big a: Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity and recover, or “bounce back” from failure faster. It is what gives you and I the psychological strength for coping with emotional distress.

Being more resilient can reduce the risk of depression and help improve our happiness.

Emotional resilience is not simply a quality that some people have or do not have, although it does come more naturally to some than others.

There are proven mental strategies that can help us to be more resilient to life’s hardships, optimism and gratefulness are Keys.

Realistic optimism is the choice to see the good in everything while having a realistic view of the world, meaning paying attention to all information relevant to the problems that you face without staying focused on the negative.

Developing a positive attitude will help you remain optimistic and be resilient when confronted tough situations.

  • Be realistic in your perception of the world, and believe that you are capable of anything.
  • Think about what you could learn from a bad situation that you are experiencing.
  • Spend your time with positive people to help develop a more positive attitude.
  • Do not dwell on problems that cannot be solved.
  • Always be thankful for what you have, plus
  • Exercise and
  • Eat real food

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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