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Big Tech Advocates for Vaccination Passports

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Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and some other Big Tech entities are pushing hard for digital COVID-19 vaccination passports that can be used to determine eligibility to board a plane or engage in other “normal life” activities.

Dubbed the “Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI),” the group advocating the passports includes the Mayo Clinic.

If adopted, the VCI would be stored in a digital wallet such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Those who do not own a smartphone would receive paper IDs or QR codes.

The coalition said it will try to develop new standards for confirming whether a person has or has not been inoculated against The China Virus.

In the past citizens have used vaccination booklets to keep track of their travel vaccines but authorities rarely ask to see them.

The VCI would help people “return to travel, work, school and life, while protecting data privacy,” the MSM reported Friday.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to HeffX-LTN’s request for comment

Some academics said in a joint statement via e-mail that the answer will depend on factors like vaccine supply, the level of vaccination in the population, the nature of the restrictions on vaccine refusers, and how the restrictions are operationalized.

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