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Health: Some Habits of the Forever Young


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“A Key healthy habit is: make time for you every day and…“–Paul Ebeling

Make meals at home instead of going out. Homemade meals are healthier the restaurant meals and of course will you save money.

Eat more slowly.  You will eat less as you’ll give your stomach time to register that it is full keeping you from overeating.

Eliminate junk food.  They are high in fat, high in calories and full of chemicals which are not good for your health. 

Walk the stairs. If you work or live in a building, walking up the stairs is a great way to get a work out.

Keep your teeth clean. Oral health can play in life expectancy. Scientists estimate that regular brushing and flossing can add up to 6 yrs to your life, plus keep you healthier and save you money on dental and healthcare.

Turn off your smartphone in the evenings.  Your body will love it and it will give you more time to be in the moment.

Learn to meditate.  Create space within and it will relax you too.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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