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Get Happy, Improve Your Life


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Attention is a Key factor in our happiness, as being present, connecting to the people around us, living in the eternal moment is part of being happy and it is connected to attention”–Paul Ebeling

In a famous study conducted by Killingsworts & Gilbert, they saw that people spent 47% of their time wondering, which caused them to be unhappy.

Another study looked at how hard it is for us to be alone with ourselves and our thoughts, because most people prefer to be with their phone or talking to someone than they want to sit without doing anything.

Mindfulness decreases the activation of some of the problem brain regions that cause us to crave outside stimuli, like the prefrontal medial areas and the anterior cingulate cortex.

Balance is all about having  a consistency within yourself that promotes peace and psychological balance. This inner stability helps one to retain their important beliefs and values over a prolonged period of time if not forever.

Balance is about feeling content and calm with different aspects of your life and not feel like one or the other side of you is taking over. Pain, aka imbalance, comes from want.

Always try to find something to be thankful about be it something small or big. Reflect about your day and think of everything that you have done and what are the consequences of your actions.

Regulate your breathing in order to try to minimize stress. Be conscious and mindful of your actions, it will help you achieve balance in your life.

Make realistic expectations and strive for them. Carefully evaluate your accomplishments and be proud of them. Do not compare yourself to others. You do not know the struggles that they are going through. Learn more about yourself, take every day to find something out about yourself that you did not know before.

It is a cycle, you choose the positive or negative. I always accentuate the positive, I learned it early!

Have a prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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