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Recent studies on spicy vegetables and cooking spices show a positive correlation towards longer lifespans, improved blood pressure +++“– Paul Ebeling

If you want your body to burn, start with your tongue. Hot sauce, cayenne, chilies all contain a substance called capsaicin that can bolster your metabolism.

So, next time you are making pasta, thrown in some red chili flakes.

The Big Q: Is your soup too bland?

The Big A: Throw in some cayenne to spice it up and burn an extra 10 calories every meal.

A bit of fiery flavor can give your metabolism a quick boost. If your palette just canmot deal with the spice, have no fear, as there are certain non-spicy peppers that contain dihydocapsiate (DCT) that can produce the same effects.

Bottom line, pile on the peppers!

The Key: Add some spice to your regular dishes; eggs, sauces, pasta… you can put some cayenne pretty much anywhere. If you are not big into spices, start small. Try a dash of Tabasco on your eggs and bacon, and work your way up.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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