The Magic of Island Living

#water #island #luxury #living Coming in Y 2022 a new discovery awaits you in Saint…

Paul Ebeling Paul Ebeling 1 Min Read


 #crypto #mining #bitcoin "Crypto-mining does not involve picks and shovels. It refers to a verification process…

Paul Ebeling Paul Ebeling 3 Min Read
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The Y 1918-19 Pandemic

#Spanish #flu #1918 #pandemic #CDC #history History is usually written by the winners and shaped…

Paul Ebeling Paul Ebeling 3 Min Read

The Crypto Mining Companies to Own Now

The act of mining cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin is truly going global, including a recent…

West Needs to Return to Christian Values and Freedom

A Plea for Western Prudence and Focus on Core Values In a world marred by…

Li Kim Li Kim 3 Min Read

Oklahoma Congressman Buys Stocks in ONEOK, Texas Instruments, Accenture, and ABB

Republican Congressman Kevin Hern of Oklahoma purchased stock in each of the following companies on…

John Heffernan John Heffernan 17 Min Read

US Growth: Huge Spike Happening in Apartment Rents

#growth #apartment #rents "US apartment rent trends are seeing strong Northside pace"-- Paul Ebeling The…

Paul Ebeling Paul Ebeling 3 Min Read


Limit Break Inc., a company founded by Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa, announces it has…

Americans will Pay More for Coffee, Beer, Bread and Junk Snacks

#inflation #coffee #beer #bread #snacks $UL $NSRGY $BUD #TGT #WMT "Most Americans know too much…

Paul Ebeling Paul Ebeling 3 Min Read

President Trump on 2nd Impeachment Trial Acquittal

#PresidentTrump #Impeachment #acquital #MAGA "'The Trump Movement' has only just begun"-- Donald J Trump President…

Paul Ebeling Paul Ebeling 5 Min Read

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The Bull Hancock Rule and this Years Australian Sires

This rule states that when choosing a stallion, horses with limited starts—especially those retired as 2 or 3 year olds—should…

AI Earnings to Lift Market

The resurgent Apple (AAPL) and a muted employment report helped the Nasdaq surpass a crucial level, capping a successful week…

Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite are headed higher

The two most significant money supply measurements are M1 and M2, despite there being five total. The former accounts for…

Wall Street Week Ahead

Investors have been inundated with profits, economic data, and the Federal Reserve's most recent policy statement during the past two…

Platinum Thoroughbreds is pleased to announce its 2024 roster

by Kristen Manning Platinum Thoroughbreds is pleased to announce its 2024 roster - three well credentialed stallions from three prolific…

The Rise of Huawei

According to a company filing released on Tuesday, tech giant Huawei's first-quarter profits increased by more than five times year…

China’s PMI Update

While China's non-manufacturing sector maintained its liveliness and released signals of rising economic momentum, the country's manufacturing sector only made…

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