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BREAKING! Shiba Inu Return! Now With 2.0 Like Better Sequel


A little Shiba dog won’t stay dead just yet. Everyone’s favorite canine coin, Shiba Inu got an upgrade to 2.0!

Previously, the original Shiba Inu struggled to hit the mark as investors hoped. Throughout the month, the token received numerous collaborations such as “Red Bull”

This time, Shiba Inu has forked up to 2.0, and everyone was hyped for the return. This time with a more solid development team, you can rest easy about these changes.

Much like when a movie has a sequel, people thought it won’t be as good as the prequel, and guess what? They were wrong. Anything can exceed everyone’s expectations by surprise!

Proper roadmap of Shiba Inu 2.0

With a promise for better tokenomics with 10% Tax on both transactions. include 1% reflection, 7% on marketing, and only 2% on liquidity.

Shiba Inu 2.0 is officially led by the team from “Binance Smart Chain”. Who help bringing LUNA from Terra Chain.

Proper roadmap of Shiba Inu 2.0

Shiba Inu 2.0 has announced the roadmap, Starting with the First stages, by Launching on PancakeSwap, then creating the buzz through Meme to generate their marketing campaign.

Move on to Stage two, The market push will be influencers-centered, then listing on “Coin Gecko” to prepare for swapping process.

For Stage three, it will be targeting 100K holders, with the same amounts as Telegram members and expand the marketing campaign.

And finally, in the Last Stage, the cap increased to 150K holders, preparing for metaverse development and the meme goes viral.

You have only a matter of time to get a hop on before it is too late! Right now, you can buy it at the current price!

I’m so happy to report that our beloved dog has been fork, and aimed for the bull market sooner. At the time, we might see other tokens rise from the advent of crypto winter.

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Check on the whitepaper here!

Join the Shiba Revolution at: shibainutwo.com, also on Twitter and Telegram.
E-Mail at: [email protected]

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