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Music Helps Improve Positivity



The uncertainty of the last 16 months and the lockdowns has pushed working millennials towards mental strain. Staying in isolation, restrictions in mobility, and new normal of working from home poses its own set of challenges. The added everyday uncertainty is giving them stress and disturbing their otherwise available sense of control.

Long work hrs is one of the Key reasons as millennials chase their goals and dreams, and they find it hard to juggle their work and personal life. They prefer jobs that offer them a combination that helps boost their personal as well as professional skills. And many times when their work does not allow for that, it makes them dissatisfied, leading to stress. The work pressure 2Xs up through social pressure that young live in now.

A Key reasons mental stress is increasing, is the fact that most of these millennials do not feel comfortable talking to medical professionals about mental illness. Owing to the social stigma attached to it.

Music affect us emotionally, and although you can listen to music which can make you sad, you can also listen to music that can promote productivity and a happy mood.

It is proven that listening to music can trigger the release of large amounts of dopamine into the brain.

Dopamine is the body’s “feel good” chemical that can help reinforce positive thinking. There is also proof that music therapy is a useful alternative therapy for treating depression.

Choose music that makes you feel happy, and try to listen to music when exercising. This can help the release of endorphins which increases your endurance and mood.

Productivity Music

Have a happy, healthy, productive day, Keep the Faith!

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