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Take An Quick Look Of NFT.NYC Event This Year

Recently, We’re experiencing some gain after landed to Bear State. On the other side, NFT still an thing beyond just for crypto-token. We saw an amazing art surrounding Time Square filled with Digital NFT Art, Billboard and Mixed Realty CG.

What is NFT.NYC?

NFT.NYC is an New York Biggest NFT and Web3 annual exhibition, what you see here is 2021 NFT.NYC showcases the state of the art NFT art across the city. the event started back in 2018, giving an NFT communities a voices for idea, pinch and discussion how can communities help educates people around the world about NFT.

Many of expert, artist and creator gave and share their idea and exploring new style of presentation along with usage of technology.

We have some article would like to like to read in order to prepare for the events tomorrow, Many of NFT artist are from Australia and US and primary will be “Fine Art”

Before that, We might find something about NFT in this event then, we might get some update later this month. 2022 NFT.NYC will start tomorrow to June 23th.

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