DEX creates a very smart “trusted” environment by managing the exchange with smart contracts and atomic swaps. At the same time, the assets can be traded without the third-party environment, refer as a peer-to-peer transaction. DEXs are valued for their enhanced privacy, robust security, and improved user control. Winery Swap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on Binance Smart Chain technology (BEP20), is going to hold IDO for two new interesting games – Bingo Family and NFT Marbles this June. 

Hot events coming soon – IDO for two projects in June 2022

There is hot news for Winery Swap users that Winery Swap is going to hold IDO for two new interesting games:

This event gives users a chance to invest in new potential upcoming projects to earn more profits. This launching promises to be an interesting activity among of users.

What is Winery Swap?

Winery Swap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) using the Automated Market Maker Model (AMM). allow users to swap cryptocurrencies and tokens without requiring for a centralized middleman while maintaining custody of their tokens. It is based on automated smart contracts that are deployed on Binance Smart Chain, one of the top blockchains at present.

CORK is the governance token of Winery Swap, users can use it in diversity functions. CORK has listed on Coinmarketcap, users can easily track and follow alternatives.

Winery Features

Winery Swap has a lot of functions such as:

  • Swap: users can swap any crypto available on DEX with the top lowest transaction fees in the crypto market, only 0.17%
  • Liquidity: Users can easily gain 0.12% earn fees only by adding liquidity without a lot of attempts
  • Oak Barrel – Farm: Stake LP tokens to earn more CORKs and earn fees at a high APR
  • Champagne – Pool: Stake one token and easily earn any other token you want with attractive profits
  • Win – Lottery: 4 rounds each day and chance to win up to 50% of total prizes
  • NFT LaunchpadNFT Earn: Collect unique NFTs, stake, boost, and upgrade to earn more profits than just selling
  • IDO launchpad: Invest soon with a glamorous price, just buy, claim and get multiplier profits when the token is listed on Winery Swap

Many opportunities to invest and gain rewards for users on Winery Swap

  • Constantly updates new features that benefit users like NFT launchpad, NFT earn, and IDO launchpad where users can earn in many ways.
  • Users can participate in an Airdrop to receive a large number of new free tokens.
  • Create a marketplace where users can list NFTs and trade to profit with the lowest transaction fee of 0.1%.

Note that DEX is still in its early stages, the number of decentralized exchanges is undeniably increasing. Until this day, when many services, products, and assets have been and are being digitized. This change promises to users a new wind of opportunity and provides numerous benefits to users when trading digital assets.

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