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Aging, Our Genes Supply the Roadmap…


…but we are ultimately in charge of the route we take with our health.

“Genetics only accounts for about 25% of how we age The rest is up to us” — Paul Ebeling

We all do things that age us internally and externally. And by avoiding these 3 Key offenders is easy and within our control, for the most part. Add them to your daily habits help you stay healthier and look younger for yrs to come, as follows:

1. Inactivity

The science: at the end of every cell in your body is something called a telomere. Each time the cell divides, the telomere pulls back from the end of the cell. Over time, telomeres completely wear away. When this happens, the cells stop splitting and die off. The reduction of cell production plays a huge role in how we age and may even lead to the development of some cancers. Exercise can slow the deterioration of telomeres, increasing your lifespan in the process.

Doctors look at the “immune risk profile” of their patients when attempting to predict their health and lifespan. The lower the IRP, the higher your risk of developing cancer and other diseases. The less you exercise, the lower your IRP will be. And, the older you are when you start exercising, the less of an impact your movement will have on your IRP.

2. Lack of Sleep

There’s no way around it, we need to sleep. Studies prove sleep gives your brain the chance it needs to clear away the plaques that can lead to Alzheimer’s, which means sleep deprivation could even be a contributing factor in its development. A lack of sleep may also increase your risk of weight gain or of developing heart disease.

3. Neglecting Your Teeth

Oral health tells doctors a lot about our general health. A healthy smile can make you look younger and even impact the way you feel as you age. Unhealthy gums and teeth can literally poison your systems as bacteria makes its way through your bloodstream, while a healthy mouth allows you to continue enjoying the foods you love. Your oral care routine also decreases the amount of bacteria that lives in your mouth, reducing your risk of heart disease or stroke.

Our genes supply the roadmap, but we are ultimately in charge of the route you take with our health.

So, by taking control of the factors within our control, we can help ourselves age as gracefully as possible.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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