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The Paleo Eating Plan is Out of the Cave

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“The Paleo eating plan has been coming out of the cave and into the mainstream over the past few years“– Paul Ebeling

This return to pre-agricultural eating has supporters and detractors. But in a world where people are eating themselves to death with processed foods, PEP (Paleo Eating Plan) encourages a return to real foods that our primal ancestors would have eaten. If it is a trend, it’s the oldest around.

The Paleo Diet is not an attempt to accurately reenact the diet of cavemen, or return modern people to the Stone Age. Instead, it is a return to simple, unprocessed foods, made at home with real ingredients. The followers of Paleo Diet feel that many chronic health issues are the result of the modern diet, which relies heavily on many of the processed items listed above.

A basic Paleo plan encourages people to exercise moderately, sleep deeply and in sync with the setting sun, following natural Circadian rhythms, and to eliminate external stress.

It may well be an effort to follow this kind of eating plan in the modern world. But when you look at the ingredients of the packaged food in most stores and realize how far from a natural diet we have come, perhaps a return to simpler times makes sense.

Many people are reporting health benefits, such as weight loss, improved immune function and increased energy on the Paleo plan.

Premium proteins are the cornerstone of a good Paleo Eating Plan.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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