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Sharing My Passion for Real Food Made at Home

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The Ultimate Wagyu beef burger recipe combines Wagyu beef, seared Foie Gras slices and Black Truffle Butter.


  • 2 Kobe-Style Wagyu Beef Patties
  • 2 Foie Gras Slices
  • 1 container Black Truffle Butter, (3oz)
  • Pink salt and freshly-ground black Java pepper, to taste
  • 2 burger buns of your choice, I like brioche
  • 2 leaves Boston lettuce
  • Assorted condiments, such as aioli, fruit relish, or balsamic reduction

Pair with a fine, hearty French or Italian red.


Although there are several strong white options for pairing with foie gras, you can also go red for something a little different. A structured, full-bodied red like Bordeaux balances the richness of the liver. The dark fruit and herbal notes also bring out the earthy flavors of duck and goose. Try a well aged 1st growth Bordeaux from Pomerol, Petrus or  Saint-Emilion.


Barolo is a very full-bodied, tannic red produced in Italy’s Piedmont region with Nebbiolo grapes. It has a lot of acidity and alcohol, so it balances subtle and fatty foods like foie gras. Barolo has notes of berries, rose, and licorice, which accentuates the flavors in the liver.

And of course French Champagne

Download the all of the particulars, click here.

Here is how to cook it

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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