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Paris for a Winter Holiday

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Springtime in Paris is famous, a visit in Winter offers its own rewards. Paris’s many lush parks, from Jardin des Tuileries to Places des Vosges, and the Musée d’Orsay and Centre Pompidou are relatively empty.

Winter in Paris runs from late November through March and has a reputation for being dark, wet, and gloomy. Although it doesn’t usually snow, you should keep track of the forecast so you will be prepared.

For what to wear click here.

Interior designer Luke Edward Hall is responsible for the delightfully bold aesthetic at Hotel Les Deux Gares – conveniently located just 5 mins from Gare du Nord’s Eurostar terminal. The buttercup tiles, robin’s egg blue walls, and emerald wainscoting are guaranteed to lift your spirits even if the weather outside is cloudy and grey.

Take the time to visit Marie Antoinette’s lavish state apartments at Versailles, which reopened in Y 2019 after a painstaking restoration, without the Summer crowds. Every 1 of the linens in the French Queen’s bedchamber has been rewoven to appear as it would have in the 19th Century.

Join the fashion crowd at L’Entente, a Brit like brasserie that has elevated the humble bar snack to the level of haute cuisine; enjoy slivers of ham-hock terrine with chutney and quail eggs dipped in celery salt before moving on to a hearty portion of Shepherd’s Pie or Bubble ’n’ Squeak.

And while you are there do your Christmas shopping, there is nothing like a Paris label on an intimate gift!

Enjor traveling this Winter, the Chaos is about over, Keep the Faith!

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