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People are so Mask-trained They are Reluctant to Take Them Off



A New York Times article reveals that some of the reasons people don’t want to give up their masks have nothing to do with COVID.

“Masks have also become so much more than mere barrier between germs and lungs. They can keep that too-chatty neighbor at bay or help the introvert hide in plain sight,” the NYT says. “And vanity? Goodbye to that.”

The VirusCasedemic of Ys 2020-21 brought trauma, and as people begin to emerge from their isolation and think about traveling, eating out and returning to school or the workplace, they are feeling confused; “Do they shake hands? Hug? With or without a mask?”

The NY-T’s article points out that it is a confusion exacerbated by changing rules, state and federal, that vary by congressional district or even neighborhood, all while the threat of infection remains, in some places more than others and mask have been proven useless.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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