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Keep Your Mind Sharp!

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Devote time to self reflection to improve and keep your brain healthy and your mind sharp”--Paul Ebeling

Recently, Gary P. Pisano, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, conducted a random sampling of 202 people, showing that reflection is a powerful mechanism behind learning.

The 1st group was instructed to reflect on the pre-test, in order to form a strategy on how to better perform on the next test.

The 2nd group was instructed to make notes of their strategies and thoughts, while being informed that the notes were going to be shared with others.

The 3rd group received no instruction before receiving the 2nd test. The results from the 2nd test showed that both groups that were given the task of reflecting on the pre-test, did a lot better in comparison to the 3rd group.

The American Philosopher and Psychologist John Dewey coined the phrase: “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.”

Bill George, Professor of Management Practice and Harvard Business School, emphasizes the importance of making it a daily practice to set aside at minimum, 20 mins a day for self reflection.

A proper evaluation of self, in relation to understanding your life story and how you have been impacted by people, as well as your experiences, will help us gain more insight into who we are. There is a direct association between mindfulness and brain changes from anger and anxiety to a sense of calm and well being.

How to do it:

  • Write down your thoughts in a journal
  • Go for a walk in the Sun
  • Meditate
  • Be honest but not too hard on yourself
  • Eat Real food

A healthy eating plan is as important to our mental health as it is to physical well being. The food that we eat has a direct correlation to the way we think and the decisions that we make. Without a Real food, the mind cannot function properly enough and have the clarity to make the best choices. “We are what we eat” is aa cliché that should not be taken lightly

Have a healthy day, eat healthy and Keep the Faith!

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