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American’s COVID-19 Fear Has Faded as the Nation Opens Up


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Americans’ fear of COVID-19 has dropped to a record low in the latest Gallup poll conducted in March, while satisfaction with the ongoing vaccine rollout has risen dramatically.

Now only 33% of American adults say they are somewhat or very worried about contracting COVID-19. That’s down from 50% in February.

Older Americans are least likely to fear contracting the virus, which Gallup notes “may be tied to the increase in the percentage of Americans who are fully vaccinated.”

Adding, “Naturally, being vaccinated is associated with lower levels of worry about contracting COVID-19, but this only applies to those who are fully vaccinated. Among those Americans who report having received the full course of the vaccine, 21% are worried about catching COVID-19. But the rate among those only partially vaccinated [defined as receiving only one dose of a two-dose vaccine] is 37%, similar to the national average.

Americans who want to get the vaccine but have not been able to yet are the most concerned about catching COVID-19 at 49%, while those who have no plans of getting vaccinated are the least worried at 19%. I am 1 of those people and have been since the start of this VirusCasedemic chaos.

Gallup notes that Americans’ views of the Covid-19 situation are growing more optimistic daily. 

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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