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Mr. Biden Mulls ‘The Wall’ as March Illegal Alien Crossing at 15 Year High

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Mr. Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas are mulling a restart to border wall construction and to plug gaps in the barrier now.

When asked about his plans for The Wall, Mr. Mayorkas said that while Mr. Biden issued a stop to its construction, “…that leaves room to make decisions and fixing gaps in The Wall.

Notes seen of the ICE session on Customs and Border Protection, which oversees The Wall, submitted a plan for what it wants to see happen going forward.

President Trump completed 460 miles of border wall. And a recent poll conducted for the Senate Opportunity Fund showing 53% of respondents favor border wall construction.

Mr. Biden’s stop order on construction gives Homeland Security the task of figuring out how to proceed as legal questions could force him to keep building.

Under the law, when Congress allocates money for a purpose, the administration must carry it out except if there’s questions of efficiency, or when the president officially submits a revocation request.

Congress over the last 4 yrs has allocated $1.375-B each yr for The Wall, including this current fiscal year, and congressional Republicans have asked the Government Accountability Office to review if Mr. Biden’s border wall construction pause is legal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Biden’s open door to illegal aliens policy saw March the busiest month for the Border Patrol since they have been keeping data and records (15yrs). They said 40% of their people are devoted to processing, not to patrolling the border, but to processing the huge influx.

Mr. Biden should be forced to restart the building of The Wall or impeached.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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