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Health: Sunshine Boosts Our Immune System


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Vitamin D is Key for our immune system, and with consistent exposure to sunlight, we help strengthen it. A healthy immune system can help reduce the risk of illness, infections, some cancers, and mortality after surgery“– Paul Ebeling

A study that followed 30,000 Swedish women revealed that those who spent more time in the Sun lived 6 months to 2rs longer than those with less Sun exposure. More research needs to be done in this area, but it’s something scientists are continuing to study.

But, a little Sunshine can go a long way and too much is harmful for our skin. Depending on the shade of your skin, scientists estimate your body can produce vitamin D in about 5 to 30 mins in the Sun. Melatonin lowers stress reactivity and being outside will help your body naturally regulate melatonin, which can help reduce your stress level.

Wearing sunscreen (most is toxic you know, yes?), you may not produce as much vitamin D. If you are outside for some much-needed vitamin D, careful not to expose bare skin longer than 5 to 30 mins.

Have a healthy, happy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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