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Health: Relax, Unwind Before Bed


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“The practice of quiet, concentrated attention has lots of health benefits. Meditation near bedtime may help reduce anxiety, limit insomnia, and reduce sleep disturbances” — Paul Ebeling

The Big Q: Have you ever gone to bed feeling exhausted, only to toss and turn all night long because your brain won’t shut off?

The Big A: To keep racing thoughts from sabotaging your sleep, incorporate relaxing rituals into your bedtime routine. Try winding down by snuggling up to a cozy weighted blanket, which some research suggests can help with anxiety and insomnia. Relaxing activities such as reading, journaling and taking a warm bath can also reduce your stress levels, making it easier to fall asleep.

To create a restful sleeping environment. Set the thermostat to a comfortable cool temperature and consider wearing a sleep mask to block out light.

While alcohol is known to make us feel sleepy and more relaxed, it can have a negative impact on sleep. A team of researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine found that alcohol interferes with the body’s sleep-regulating mechanism, leading to more frequent nighttime awakenings.

For a better night’s sleep stop drinking alcohol at least 4 hrs before bed and limit your libations to one drink a day. Also, drink plenty of water between your alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated and reduce the negative effects of alcohol.

Have a healthy, prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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