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Health: French Butter is So Much Better

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French butter is higher in fat than American butter, but in addition to being higher in fat, French butter is cultured, a process whereby live active cultures are added to the cream before the butter is churned, it is really good and good for us“– Paul Ebeling

All French butters are higher in fat and cultured, there are a few specialty butters: the crème de la crème aka beurre du beurre that is even more delicious.

Butter with an AOP or AOC is a protected butter from a specific region. Like wines such as Champagne or Saint-Emilion or cheeses like Roquefort or Camembert de Normandie, butters bearing this symbol are made from producers who have pledged to follow strict rules and use only milk produced in 1 of 3 regions, depending on the AOP on which they depend: Isigny, Bresse, or Charentes-Poitou. The latter is particularly beloved by pastry chefs, as it melts more slowly than other butters.

For the best French butter experience, trust your fromager or your cheese monger. He will have fresh, specialty butter and may even have some varieties infused with flavors like vanilla or seaweed. Ask for 1 with sea salt from Guérande for a real treat!

The Paris food scene start with a wander through a favorite neighborhood that is home to the famed Enfants Rouges Market, then tastings in the North Marais district: sample pastry, charcuterie, and more, finishing with an exclusive wine-and-cheese pairing. This is off the beaten path Paris will give you lots delicious memories to savor.

Yes, butter is a saturated fat but our bodies and our brain needs saturated fat for optimum brain function and preservation. 

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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