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Food: Eat Only Real and Organic


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Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the climate crisis, and the disease crisis” — Paul Ebeling

Regenerative agriculture and animal husbandry are the next and higher stage of Organic food and farming

Regeneration is now the hot topic in the Real and Organic food and farming sector, while climate activists regularly talk about the role of Organic and regenerative practices in reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

Inside Regeneration International, which now includes 400 affiliates in more than 60 countries, the conversation has shifted to identifying regenerative and Organic ‘best practices‘ throughout the world

The goal is to strategize how how to help qualitatively expand and scale-up regenerative best practices so that Organic and regenerative becomes the norm, not the alternative, for the planet’s current degenerative multitrillion-dollar food, farming and land use system

So, agriculture must move beyond merely treating the symptoms of our planetary degeneration and build a new system based upon regenerative food, farming and land use, along with renewable energy practices and global cooperation instead of hostility.

Food and farming is the largest industry in the world with consumers spending an estimated $7.5-T a yr on food. Plus, the for the most part unacknowledged social, environmental and health costs of the industrial food chain amounts to $4.8-T a yr.

Unfortunately, just a miniscule percentage of public and/or private investment goes toward Organic, grass fed, free-range and other healthy foods produced by small and medium-sized farms and ranches for local and regional consumption.

Healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy people, healthy climate, healthy societies, our physical and economic health, our very survival as a species, are directly connected to the soil, biodiversity and the health and fertility of our food and farming systems.

Overall regenerative Organic farming and land use can move us back into balance, back to a stable climate and a life-supporting environment.

A reminder, Real Organic food is much cheaper than prescription drugs.

A Key arguments for GE (genetically engineered) crops and foods was that it would solve world hunger.

But, GE agriculture actually does just the opposite by destroying our soils and making food more toxic and less nutritious.

Regenerative farming, on the other hand, has demonstrated its superiority with regard to yield and nutrition, all without the use of toxic chemicals.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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