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Being Grateful Has Amazing Health Benefits (Video)


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“A daily gratitude practice will significantly increase your happiness and health. Practicing gratitude improves sleep, boosts immunity and decreases the risk of disease” — Paul Ebeling

The ability to experience gratitude to others is a fundamental feature of human cognition

Positive effects linked to gratitude include social, psychological and physical benefits, which increase the more you make gratitude a regular part of your daily routine

Gratitude has a positive effect on psychopathology, especially depression, adaptive personality characteristic, positive social relationships and physical health, including stress and sleep

Those who are grateful have even been found to have a better sense of the meaning of life by being able to perceive good family function and peer relationships

Try these 2 things in your daily life to promote gratitude include keeping a gratitude journal and expressing gratitude to others, write thank you notes.

Make Thanksgiving an everyday celebration!

Have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving, Keep the Faith!

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