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Always eat breakfast to boost metabolism

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“After a big dinner the night before or a big night out it’s tempting to compensate by skipping the most important meal of the day; don’t”–Paul Ebeling

When you wake up in the morning, wake up your metabolism too. Studies show that women who skip meals, especially breakfast, are 4 ½ times more likely to become obese.

So, while in the short term you may see the numbers go down on the scale, your metabolism nose-dives. With a slow metabolism you are more than likely to put the weight back on, and more, even if it means waking up a minute earlier to grab a yogurt out of the fridge before heading to work, the sacrifice is worth it.

Start the day with some nutrient-rich oatmeal or an omelet. Whole grains are great in the morning, as they’ll give you long-lasting energy and make you feel fuller for longer.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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