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S&P 500 Has More Room to Run this Year

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We believe lots of opportunities exist, but investors need to focus on the merits of individual stocks/sectors/industries, as opposed to chasing market momentum, in order to generate outperformance“– Paul Ebeling

HeffX-LTN expects 2-H of Y 2021 to undergo continued growth.

Stocks have done and are doing well in here, with the S&P 500 and NAS both marking record-highs almost daily. This recent performance continues the Y 2021 overall Bullish trend, and although the gainers have been impressive, there is still room to grow this yr.

We believe there is still more room to run in the months ahead, with our S&P 500 yr-end target price of 4,500+ implying 5.5% Northside from current marks.

Earnings reports for 1-H of Y 2021 exceeded expectations, causing analysts to upwardly revise the PE target for the end of Y 2021.

For the next few months, investors will need to be more discerning as growth may be more limited.

Have a positive da, Keep the Faith!

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