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Vaccinations, Herd Immunity the Key to US Economic Recovery

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The US government should be investing in getting the nation vaccinated against COVID-19, not spending $1.90-T on a aid/relief/stimulus package that spends little to help the national recovery from the VirusCasedemic. 

“The store here is not about the stimulus package as less than 10% actually goes to virus relief. It is kind of a Democratic handout package,” says former National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow.

Instead, vaccinations are what are “going to give us big growth this year,” said Mr. Kudlow.

It comes on the shoulders of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, and it is continuing with Johnson & Johnson and there will be other pharmaceuticals coming in.”

He added that in the opinion of professionals and scientists, “there will be a good shot at herd immunity sometime this Spring,” but Mr. Biden “does not seem to understand that.”

He is still painting a very dismal picture,” said Mr. Kudlow. “It is not true. We will open up schools and the entire economy and put people back to work with jobs. The vaccinations are everything.

With that happening he predicted that this year could see 7% to 8% “real growth” this year as a result. 

Noting that the governors of Texas, Mississippi, and Florida are “doing it right” by ending mandates as the numbers of vaccines grow, even if Mr. Biden did accuse them of  “Neanderthal thinking.”

There will be other states ending mandates, as virus cases and deaths are “plunging,” he said. 

“… the Spring is coming, and so is herd immunity because of the massive spread of the vaccinations and the decline, of course, in virus cases. I do not know why President Biden continues to deny that.

Thursday, Dr. Doom Fauci who’s position varies like a reed in the wind, said, “now is not the time to pull back on public health measures.”  He says he is optimistic about the country moving to some version of being back to normal by Fall, earlier he said that would not happen until sometime in Y 2020.

It is hard to understand the meaning of this Fauci double-talk: “It’s not going to be a light switch on and off. Children will be getting back to school. You will see restaurants having indoor dining. By the time we get to Fall with the implementation of the vaccine program, you are going to see something noticeably in the direction of going back to normality and very likely will get there by the end of the year.”

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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