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Mr. Biden is Encouraging Illegal Immigration


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Mr. Biden’s policies are to roll back illegal immigration enforcement and promote illegal labor over Americans need work, Hummm” — Paul Ebeling

Wednesday, Senator Cruz (R-TX) said that he is “deeply troubled” that most of Mr. Biden’s 1st acts were to protect illegal immigrants many of whom are criminals and “encouraging illegal immigration at the expense of American jobs and workers.”

Senator Cruz cited Mr. Biden’s halt to construction of the border wall, where this week over a dozen illegals were burned to death after their coyote punched a hole in the border fence at the border in southern California.

Mr. Biden’s preservation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA, as well as his proposed immigration bill that could give legal status to 11.5-M illegals.

His executive actions and policies make a mockery of the rule of law, and his deeply unserious legislative push demonstrates that, despite his rhetoric, he is fully on-board with the radical open-borders agenda,” Senator Cruz said of Mr. Biden

Mr. Biden’s moves represent a U-turn after 4 yrs of relentless strikes against immigration, captured most vividly by the separation of thousands of children from their parents under a “zero tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings.

President Trump’s administration also took hundreds of other steps to enhance enforcement, limit eligibility for asylum, cut legal immigration and keep criminals out of America.

An estimated 76% of undocumented immigrants are from Mexico, Mezo- America, the Caribbean and South America. These throngs are ‘peppered’ with hardened criminals. And the crimes they commit once in the US’ Latino communities go underreported. And that negatively affects public health and safety.

Economist Bruce WD Barren correctly argues that, “President Trump, for the past 4 yrs our United States has been one of the strongest economies we have experienced in our lives and so,

Thank you for supporting our nation’s law enforcement organizations and understanding how difficult their job really is.

Thank you for quelling the flood of illegal immigration and bringing to justice thousands of illegal Latino criminals.

Thank you for giving corporations a reason to come back to America to make our own products and put America back to work.

Thank you for bringing our troops home and your never ending commitment to strengthen our military.

Thank you for your tax relief and our energy independence.”

All of the above begs this Big Q: Mr. Biden, what is the point of taking America from 1st to Last?

Our Chart on Mr. Biden’s bill shows largest immigration increase ever even without the amnesties. Stay tuned…

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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