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Tranquility, calmness and great happiness


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“When we are calm and in harmony with ourselves, we are happy, grateful and cheerful. Prosperity comes easy and without hard efforts”–Paul Ebeling

 Each of us has had moments in which everything is right in its place.

We take such moments as magical rather than standard ones. Why cannot we be calm and happy constantly? Our natural instinct is to be cheerful and playful. Let’s think about what is typical for children and dogs (and for Carlson, who lives on the roof and constantly entertains his friend, the little girl). They play, have fun, want to move and enjoy.

Society has taught us from an early age that efforts and constant struggle are the only way to “progress”. We assume that we have to fight what we want, and that is the only way we can get it, to be successful and happy. The problem with this is that we start pursuing our goals at any rate and with great effort. As a result, we forget to pay attention to the question of what is the price we pay and how far it is distancing us from our happiness in the present time.

We fall into the trap of thinking: “If only”: “If only I could win the lottery … then I would be happy.” “If only he married me, then I would be happy.” “If only my children behaved as I think is right …”, “If only I got a raise I could …”

We determine our happiness as a result of unpredictable circumstances. We have to do something, get rid of something, wait for someone to do something and only then we can calm down, let us be happier. Somehow this thing never happens.

Anxiety uses your imagination to create something you do not want

The easiest and best way to give preference to positive thoughts is often to speak aloud and, in the mind, “thank you”. To thank regularly for what we have, what we have achieved and what has been given to us in life … at this moment. Every morning when we wake up and, in the evenings, just before we fall asleep, we can thank for the moments of the past day and the expectations of the new one. This will allow us to experience more and more happiness.

Life can be wonderful! If we believe in this, we will escape our worries and achieve inner peace and tranquillity.

Have a happy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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