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The Perfect Espresso Is Not Easy

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When it comes to making perfect coffee drinks, particularly ones based on espresso, to many coffee connoisseurs and baristas it is more of an art than a science, and that they are magically guided to use the exact perfect proportion of beans every single time by some type of coffee spirit.

Most people, coffee pros and amateurs alike, have believed for decades is that using a lot of finely ground beans will result in a nice, strong cup of coffee.

If your barista is good, he/she make it seem simple to deliver a perfect espresso shot to you. But it’s actually not as easy as it looks and many of them are not good at it.

In addition to the coarseness of the coffee grind, plus factors like heat, humidity, dry air, and cold also affect the grind.

As a barista, it is their responsibility to ensure that the grind adjustments are made throughout the day so that it stays just right.

If you are like me, you order yours macchiato breve.

When you buy good espresso with freshly roasted top quality beans, you want to taste it.

You want your taste buds happy, meaning no complicated Starbuckish drinks.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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