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Staying Calm in Times of Stress and Anxiety

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If you are able to stop your body before it gets worked up, you will have a better chance at staying calm. Keeping your head in the moment is half the battle for staying calm under pressure” — Paul Ebeling

Note: A calm mind could lead to a longer life, research suggests. A study has shown for the 1st time that excessive electrical activity in the brain is associated with shorter life spans. The research, from Harvard Medical School, indicated that reducing this activity could prolong life.

We all know that staying calm in a challenging situation is not always easy, as it requires patience, practice, and effort.

So, when you get through 1 of these unpleasant situations with a steady head, congratulate yourself. And be proud that you were able to calm down and act in an appropriate way.

Tell yourself “good job!” If it was a particularly difficult situation, reward yourself with something. If there was something you think you could have done better, acknowledge it and move ahead.

Find an activity you love, if you do not enjoy walking, try swimming or yoga. There are many beginner classes to help you get started. And find a favorite place in nature to unwind. I like the oceans.

Learn how to breathe deeply and use it to calm yourself down. Give yourself 10 mins of “breathing time”. This way, when you are in a situation where you need to breathe and calm down, your body will know how to do it.

Most importantly, eat real food: eating well is important for a healthy life. So, if you are not already eating real food start now! get started on your healthy diet. Remember, sugar give us energy spikes and sugar highs, which can make our minds work over-time.

When you feel anxious try eating some dark chocolate and foods rich in Vitamin C, like blueberries, tomatoes, oranges, etc., because they help reduce cortisol, a type of neurotransmitter that causes us to feel stress.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively, Breathe

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