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Sitting on a Cash Pile 14.0? This Company Connects Merchants, Consumers and Dashers Worldwide

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DoorDash Inc. (NYSE:DASH) reversed and broke out on 14 May at 141.30. Thus, garnering a LTN Cash Pile Buy signal with a 1 yr price target at 215.16/share.

Friday it traded up to 146.53 within it 52 wk range of 110.13 – 256.09 on heavy volume.

The Key support is at 135.15 and the Key resistance is at 177.29, resistance is light through 215.16.

Our break out indicator is Very Bullish in here, however our analysis is still Neutral to Bullish. Stay tuned…

DoorDash, Inc. operates a logistics platform that connects merchants, consumers, and dashers in the United States and internationally.

It operates DoorDash marketplace, which provides an array of services that enable merchants to solve mission-critical challenges, such as customer acquisition, delivery, insights and analytics, merchandising, payment processing, and customer support; and offers DoorDash Drive, a white-label logistics service; DoorDash Storefront that enables merchants to offer consumers on-demand access to e-Commerce.

The company was formerly known as Palo Alto Delivery Inc. and changed its name to DoorDash, Inc. in Y 2015.

DoorDash, Inc. was founded in Y 2013 and is HQ’d in San Francisco, California

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