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Retail Stock Traders are Quickly Moving into Cryptocurrencies

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The recent retail trading action has shown that trading platforms, brokerages and even exchanges can shut down aspects of the trade process without much notice.”– Paul Ebeling

Some retail traders realize the recent restrictions on stock buying on some trading platforms like Robinhood, are turning their attention to CEX and DEX (centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges respectively), helping to drive several of these exchanges’ tokens to new highs.

Last week GameStop (NYSE:GME) and and other stocks involved in a battle between a short-selling hedge fund and a Reddit group captured the imagination of the general public, a battle that drove these stocks’ prices higher and squeezed the short seller.

Now, some of that buying excitement has spilled over to crypto where CEX and DEX trading volumes have risen over the past wk, according to our data.

Activity in DeFi (decentralized finance) is growing quickly. Total January trading volume on DEXs soared to an all-time high above $50-B locked.

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