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No Exercise or Major Eating Plan Change is Involved in This Simple Weight Loss Method


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“Everything we do is a habit, and chewing food more must become a habit too“– Paul Ebeling 

A study has found that people who chew their food slower end up losing more weight. Just making sure to chew each mouthful of food for 30 secs can lead to 5 lbs of weight loss over 6 months. A control group who ate normally gained around 8 lbs. No exercise or major eating plan change in was involved.

The slower approach to eating gives you more time for the feeling of fullness to get from your stomach to your brain. According to the researchers, you can use this slow eating approach for the rest of your life. Once you learned it, you can teach it to your children and they can teach their children too.

The only other thing mentioned in the study was not to have any snacks in between meals and drink a glass of water before a meal. The results showed that the group of children who ate slowly for a year lost between 3% and 5% of their body weight. Children in the control group gained 7%-8%.

Slow eating allows your stomach to tell the brain that you are full. The “satiety reflex” signal takes around 15 mins to reach the brain, but many people eat an entire meal before this happens.

Prevention is a lot more effective than treatment, which is why the method focuses on preventing weight gain. It is inexpensive and simple to follow.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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