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Travel: Escape to the Napa Valley


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From world class wineries, 5-Star hotels and luscious landscapes, Napa Valley is 1 of the world’s ultimate luxury retreats” — Paul Ebeling

We have been through a lot the past few yrs. From stunted travel plans to limited time with friends and family, so every moment of serenity should be savored. 

So, close your laptop, lock up the home office, and head for a picturesque paradise where your only job is to be fully present in the moment, using every 1 of your 5 senses to experience the rustic, elegant luxury that awaits you: the smells of fresh air and gourmet, farm-to-table cuisine wafting from a beautiful kitchen; the sounds of laughter and glasses clinking; the flavors of the finest full-bodied red wines; the feeling of well-made wares in elegant boutiques; and the sights of rolling hills and lush grapevines. Sound right? Then it is time you escape to the Napa Valley. 

Outside of its concentration of over 400 world-class wineries, what makes Napa Valley so special is the elegant experiences there. Just 90 minus north of San Francisco, Napa Valley is made up of 5 distinctive towns, each with its own personality. Think Michelin Starred restaurants, family-owned vineyards, geothermal spas, and well-curated boutiques, all set against a breathtaking backdrop. 

So, whether you are looking to escape the chaos of a busy life or need a restorative break from your routine, Napa Valley is the sophisticated retreat you have been looking for.

Here are a few tips to make the most of your escape, as follows:

A trip to Napa Valley is about indulgence and not excess. To indulge is to savor the quality of what you are tasting, from relishing every sip of expertly crafted wine from a multi-generational winemaking family to tasting every bite of the fresh, farm-to-table dish that makes its way onto your plate.

No trip to Napa Valley is complete without a wine-tasting experience, but it is also true that the region has so much more to offer.

Between the wildflowers, rolling hills, and blue skies, the breathtaking scenery alone is enough to transport you to a state of deserved relaxation.

Take the tranquility a step further with a visit to one of Napa Valley’s acclaimed spas, where the same rich soil that makes the region’s wine so outstanding is also the source of the famed therapeutic mud baths, natural spas, and mineral baths. Soak in a chic backyard mud bath at Dr. Wilkinson’s, a local staple that underwent a stunning renovation in Y 2020.

Once relaxation has been achieved, activate your adventurous side with a sunrise hot air balloon ride in Yountville, offering the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take in the natural beauty of Napa Valley from the skies.

Saunter along St Helena’s Main Street for shopping, spend a morning sampling local treats to take home from Napa’s Oxbow Public Market, or take a stroll or bike ride on The Vine Trail, soak it all in.

In Napa Valley, you will discover the finer things in life often are not just things. They are memories made, experiences enjoyed, and laughter shared.

To start planning your trip to Napa Valley, visit https://www.visitnapavalley.com/.

Enjoy your travels the chaos is ending, Keep the Faith!

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