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Mr. Biden’s Claim That Inflation Is Transitory “is Laughable”

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Mr. Biden the most confused world leader ever seen“– Paul Ebeling

Stephen Moore said Sunday people are not buying that inflation is transitory.

The inflation rate continues to rise; I don’t think anyone hears the word ‘transitory’ without laughing out loud when the Fed Reserve Board and the White House says that inflation is transitory,” Mr. Moore said Sunday.

Also, Sunday, Treasury Secretary Schoolmarm Yellen said inflation would end when the ‘pandemic’ gets under control.

But Mr Moore does not believe her.

Inflation keeps getting “worse and worse; prices are up 6.2% over last year,” Mr. Moore lamented.

This is a real hardship for the people at the bottom of the economic ladder,” he added. “Inflation is the cruelest tax … It’s a regressive tax. It hurts people at the bottom.

Mr. Biden is not being truthful to the American people when he is saying he means no harm to poorer Americans.

“When Joe Biden says, ‘I’m not going to tax people who make less than $400,000 a year,’ he’s already taxing people who make [less than] $400,000 a year, because every time you go to the gas pump, every time you try to rent a car you feel the pain.” Mr. Moore said in the interview.

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