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Making the Most of 2022


“Hope springs eternal,”–Paul Ebeling

As we enter 2-H Y 2022 we realize that Y2021 was a vast improvement over The Year We’d All Like to Forget though still far from ideal. After all, it started with an insurrection and was followed with new variants of COVID, which remind us of the Greek alphabet and that life is far from normal.

Now, looking ahead to a new year and hope that things will get at least gradually better, we reflect on lessons learned while mapping a plan for making the most of the balance of Y 2022. 

Breathe, Relax, Unwind

This helps us to think better and perform better in our profession/business. Relaxing helps you understand ourselves better and the importance to relax and unwind to rejuvenate our energies.

The VirusCasedemic’s emphasized the importance of prioritizing mental health. At a time when doctors and educators are seeing an unprecedented need, and many grappling with the effects themselves, it is important to mitigate stress.

And being aware of our feelings by accepting that stress is part of being human and looking for ways to manage it is important as we go about our everyday lives.

Some mindful tips, as follows:

  • Let go at day’s end. Many people have complex occupations that involve a never-ending pursuit, so it’s important to learn how to switch off. “I tell people to literally say to themselves, ‘This day is done. I can do no more. God willing, I can come back tomorrow and have another try.’”
  • Do not over-schedule. Leave room for a little spontaneity and chaos. “People are way too overscheduled,” says Lester. “We’ve lost the ability to be playful and to enjoy things. People forget that being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being effective.”
  • DaydreamSometimes, it can actually be more productive to take a break. Research shows that daydreaming and social conversations—time that might seem idle and unproductive are actually really important for the brain. 
  • Limit distractions. On average, adults have way more screen time than kids. It is a massive issue for health. Instead, replace screen time with time in nature or a creative outlet, such as writing.
  • Get more involved with your food. Instead of eating fast food or processed options, learn to enjoy cooking. You can break habits as quickly as you make them and explore the complexity of food. I am keen on Real Food at home.
  • Get some good rest. In this fast-paced, results-driven world, we do not value sleep enough. A good night’s rest—at least 7.5-8hrs—can help you stay sharp throughout the day and increase productivity. Still having trouble sleeping, consider consulting a physician.
  • Get fit, fitness is both vitally important and an area that many of us neglect during the daily grind. It involves a combo of cardio and strength training at group fitness gyms. Take a sensible approach to your eating plan, with nutritious foods 80% of the time and less healthy options 20% of the time, if at all.
  • Stay active.

Have a prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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