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If the Answer is Yes I Want to Be Really Likable, Here is How


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The vast majority of us want to belong, this motivates us to establish connections with other people. So, we need to be more likeable”— Paul Ebeling

Good qualities make us likeable to others; here are the Keys on how to be more likeable, as follows:

Smiling is an easy and effective way to get to be liked by others. Research has proven that when you smile, you are not only more likeable, but also more affable and competent. Whenever you smile you immediately create a connection with the other person and send out the universal message of happiness and pleasure.

When we do a person a favor, we tend to like them more as a result, but many do not want to be a bother, so they decline favors from others. But, there is a psychological phenomenon that suggest those who do favors for you see you as being a friend.

Study results prove that compassion and kindness to be Key attributes that make people more likeable. Plus, being kind to others has the added benefit of helping to reduce the risk of depression.

Body language makes up about 55% of communication. Actual words spoken make up only 7%, and vocal speed, tone, volume and pitch make up 38% of communication. So, you want people to like you more it’s important to learn to use your entire body when communicating. This helps to establish rapport with the person you are interacting with and helps to make them feel comfortable.

Using the correct tone of voice is a proven way to be more likeable. People form an impression of you when you speak, and subsequent social interactions can be affected.

Research tells us that a positive person will be more likeable. How negative or positive you are will in fact have an impact the degree of your likeability.

Greeting people by name is a proven way to be more likeable. Not only do you make another person feel good when you greet them by name, but research has shown that people feel validated when you refer to them by name throughout a conversation.

When communicating with another person, ask questions to let them know that you are interested in what they have to say. They will respect and like you for doing it.

When someone is talking to you listen. It is not enough to be a good listener. You need to show that you listen. This is called active listening. and ask questions.

The eyes play a Key role in getting people to like you on account of how much unspoken communication is conducted through them. By maintaining eye contact with another person you project confidence which is universally likeable. Eye contact indicates openness and honesty, which enables the other person to feel more at ease around you.

To be likeable you must be honest and genuine. Genuine people are liked because they can be trusted. It’s not easy to like a person when you have no idea who they really are.

Have a prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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