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Pioneering tech firm ARTM Technologies is to launch its first official platform product for luxury NFTs called 1of1.

1of1 is an easy-to-use software product for minting and selling NFTs with a focus on elevating the cryptocurrency market into untapped luxury markets around the globe.

The first NFT global drop of 1of1 is set for March. These NFTs will be utilizing the ARTM token for minting, auctions, payments, and infusion. 

ARTM believes this will exponentially grow the use of its token within the NFT and Metaverse space. 

1of1 has already established several partnerships with major global brands to develop white label marketplaces. 

The ARTM token is an ERC-20 that is used to unlock NFTs, video streaming, and gaming addons.

Its private sale ended on January 11th with a total raised of over $2 million. The public sale begins on January 12th. 

Ryan Farley, lead blockchain developer for ARTM Technologies said:

“Our pioneering technology is already changing the world of NFTs and our token is leveraging blockchain technology with new use cases including Metaverse, event streaming, digital authentication, image and audio ownership, gaming NFT integration, beverage and the automotive sector.”

“The launch of 1of1 is an extremely exciting and crucial step toward developing revolutionary NFTs in spaces such as video, 3D renders, and augmented reality, delivering the future of luxury.”

Jamin Meyers

Software Systems and Design Lead

Jamin is a full stack developer with over 25 years experience creating and maintaining webbased software applications. His latest work involved developing Web3 applications (dApps) and cross-platform native and web apps.

Ryan Farley

Blockchain Lead

Ryan is a Sr. systems engineer and software developer with close to 20 years of experience building and maintaining enterprise solutions for the US Air Force.

Connor Jennings

Art Direction & Design

Connor is a multidisciplinary designer & art director with an eye for the latest thing. He’s been working on advertising campaigns across emerging channels, digital, social as well as TV and print. Recently he has been leading re-branding and design efforts for large-scale, corporate identity systems.

Gillian MacMaster

Social and Marketing

Social Media Manager with experience working for luxury brands through to tech startups. Gillian keeps her finger on the pulse for new and emerging social trends.

Zechariah Nicome


Over the last 7 years as a Communications Specialist Zech has consulted with numerous successful businesses to maximize both their internal and external communication. His priority is helping companies clearly and promptly communicate to current and future clientele while simultaneously keeping internal communication as efficient as possible.

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