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Health: Not a Harmless Sip


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Most of us like to get a jolt of energy or sweet taste from a soda. But scientists have fully studied the health risks of such beverages and the results are frightening.

Problems such as Asthma, Kidney Problems and even Heart Disease have been shown to be caused or aggravated by a simple sugary soda. Based on research, consuming more than one soda every day can increase your waistline as well as increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The compound “Sodium Benzoate” is found in many different drinks and is used to slow down the growth of bacteria. It can cause rashes, asthma and even eczema in those who react poorly to it. Other compounds such as sugar and acids in the drinks can slowly destroy your tooth enamel over the years if you drink it regularly.

High fructose corn syrup, found in many products, can also lead to problems with your heart. It can cause something called metabolic syndrome which leads to both and increase in diabetes and heart problems. While it likely will not trigger a heart attack itself it could easily cause other complications which lead to a severe one for you. Cutting down on your intake and exercising more can alleviate these.

We have also studied how this ingredient has a massive impact on your bloodstream. The

1st effect it has is a spike in the overall sugar in your blood causes your liver to turn the excess into fat. The liver dumps some of it into your body when it can’t transform anymore. This helps keep you awake and feeling good for a short time. However when you get too much of it your brain adjusts and will need more of it to stay awake. This leads to a vicious and addictive cycle.

Cutting down on soda intake can cut out an entire collection of problems and improve your quality of life overall so think about it, and drink more water.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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