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Freedom is the Casualty of the VirusCasedemic


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Measures imposed by governments to fight the VirusCasedemic have squeezed civil liberties worldwide, with authoritarian regimes seeking to exploit the restrictions as a way to shore up their sometimes shaky control on fast-changing societies”— Paul Ebeling

Freedom is fragile as there will always be epidemics and pandemics. There is always the threat of terrorism. There will always be a public health calamity, be it junk food, obesity and/or diabetes, that can be used as justification for government intrusion into our private lives, we cannot let that happen because personal liberty is worth fighting for!

  • While the casualties of government-imposed VirusCasedemic countermeasures are manifold, the biggest and most tragic of them all is the loss of individual freedoms
  • We either choose freedom, or we choose to live under authoritarian rule. Even if restrictions are lifted, public attitude can place freedom on shaky ground, as public acceptance of overreach will allow for the same to occur again and again at a moment’s notice
  • The freedom to interact with other human beings is a Key, most basic human need
  • The inevitabilities of life, which include uncertainty, moment-to-moment risk and the surety of death demand that we not require people to cease living in order to save others from the ramifications of their ill health
  • The Big A: If we really want to protect the masses we must educate and promote healthy living at all stages of life. Improving your health through a healthy lifestyle, Sunshine, fresh air and Real food, is the best way to protect the most people

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively and have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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