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COVID Fraud and Illegal Dealings

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In the early 2000s, David Martin, PhD, founder of M-CAM International, started finding large numbers of patents that violate biological and chemical weapons laws

In Y 1999, Dr. Anthony Fauci funded research to create “an infectious replication-defective recombinant coronavirus.

In Y 2002, Ralph Baric, PhD and colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, filed a patent on recombinant coronavirus, and within a yr, we got the world’s 1st SARS outbreak

Since Y 1999, at least 4,000 patents involving coronavirus have been filed, including patents detailing Key features of the so-called “novel” SARS-CoV-2 virus

The Y 2001 anthrax attack, which came out of medical and defense research, led to the passage of the PREP Act, which removed liability for manufacturers of emergency medical countermeasures

The funds for entitlement programs and pensions will dry up by Y 2028, at which point the drug industry will go bankrupt as well.

The Big Q: How did we get to a point where taxpayers are funding research on pathogens that are being designed to sicken and kill us, only to drive profits into the drug industry and all these various patent holders, which include the government itself?

The Big A: It goes back to the implementation of the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980, which allows the beneficiaries of federal grants to file patents on work derived from federally funded research. The idea was that the economy would benefit by allowing scientists to be entrepreneurs 1st, rather than simply publishing their research.

That piece of legislation has undermined healthcare by bringing the patent office, the FDA and CDC into an unholy trinity that serves and promotes private pharmaceutical concerns. So, what we have now is an insidious funding loop.

With a growing population that is sick from the COVID vaccinations, The People must prepare new systems to care for each other.

If people of good conscience get together and say, ‘We are not going to let that apocalypse arrive because we have time to start building communities that actually care for each other. We have time to start building accountability structures.

We have time to start doing things that bring our social fabric together so that when that system collapses, we can come back to a rational view of what life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness is’ because, until we can reclaim the sovereignty of our health, we cannot celebrate the sovereignty of our life.”

We The People can survive this and keep our freedom. But we must act. Individually, every person needs to take actions that are in line with pro-life and liberty morals and ethics. As suggested by Dr. Martin, spend your money on certified Organic foods and locally grown foods to help build a healthier food system, that bring a better immune system.

That means: Spend time with friends and family and share information. Start building a sense of community again, in whatever way makes sense to you. When you make a purchasing decision, analyze whether you are supporting the evil being perpetrated, or choking its money supply. We need to start building micro-economies that can later grow into alternative economies. We need to start building support structures for when the financial and healthcare systems break.

Break the propaganda machine, Tune out the Noise!

Have a healthy, happy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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