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Choosing to Drink Black Coffee and Eat Dark Chocolate


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A preference for black coffee and dark chocolate seems to lie in a person’s genes“– Paul Ebeling

It is not the taste that these individuals actually love, but it’s because their genes enable them to metabolize caffeine faster and they associate the bitter flavor with mental alertness.

Dark chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine but predominantly theobromine, a caffeine-related compound, which is also a psychostimulant.

Past research on coffee’s benefits have relied on epidemiological studies that showed an association with the benefits rather than a causal link. This new research shows that these genetic variants can be used more precisely to study the relationship between coffee and health benefits, according to the study.

Previously, scientists were using the genetic markers for coffee drinkers in general, but the new findings suggest they are stronger markers for particular types of coffee drinkers, such as black coffee drinkers.

Drinking black coffee Vs coffee with cream and sugar is very different for our health. The person who wants black coffee is different from a person who wants coffee with cream and sugar. Based on the latest findings, the person who drinks black coffee also prefers other bitter foods like dark chocolate.

So, now scientists are drilling down into a more precise way to measure the actual health benefits of coffee and other foods.

In addition

According to a study of healthy individuals between the ages of 50 and 74, consumption of coffee may well be linked to a reduction in stroke and dementia risk. The consumption of coffee was also linked to a reduction in post-stroke dementia risk.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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